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about us
 About Our Company
Company Name LWJ Co., Ltd
Address 3-16-22 Tsukuda Nishiyodogawa-ku Osaka city, Osaka 555-0001 JAPAN
Statrted April, 1987
CEO Ken Takachi Ph.D.
Money JPY 60,000,000
Related Companies Takachi Kogu Co., Ltd
Takachi International Trade in Shanghai
Description of Business
  1. Architectonics, production and distribution of Automatic Control System.
  2. Development of electric measuring system.
  3. Development of a system by computerized control.
  4. Installation of machinery and appliances.
  5. Development and production of medical equipment.
  6. Importer and seller of electric cable, connector and other accessories.
  7. Other work go with No.1 to 6.
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